We have 1500 m2 closed production area, has been providing row material of the whole apricot products which factory located in Konak/Malatya.

All dried apricots, sun dried apricot, apricot kernel and apricot products for all agebacteriological analysis of food engineers, sulfur and moisture content analysis as a result of tests, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, with the first-class productioncertificate, prepare and package the ways we provide the highest quality brand nameproducts of ARI.

All of our products in machines pre-washing and rinsing with water after the newmachines with a soft brush and a removal of all foreign substances kalmaması washedagain to provide fine details of the product is left on. Then all the dry fruits are washed, the numbers are divided based on products made ​​eleklenerek kalibrasyonlama. Then again,manually controlled selection of the selection process is carried out. In this way, all foreignsubstances and defective products after the products are extracted 250 grams, 400grams, 500 grams, 1 kg of PVC boxes or cardboard boxes, foam plates 1 As the classstarted packing. In addition, our products in bulk and, depending on the type 1 Packing is done as a class.


We know the importance of technical analysis is the laboratory in a process of quality management and quality in this sense in the light of scientific ilerletmekteyiz ways. The process from the processing of samples taken from samples of dried apricots withtechnical elamanlarımız periodically examined within the continuous sulfur dioxide,moisture and quality control is done.